Welcome to Relationship Journeys

Welcome to Relationship Journeys. I intend this space to be for reflections of many kinds from my 35 years of practice as a psychotherapist. I have certainly seen and heard a lot over the years as I have worked to help people create the lives and relationships they want, including the most important relationship: the one with themselves..

I began my journey as a preschool teacher. After college (English major at the College of William and Mary in Virginia), I joined the National Teacher Corps and taught in a demonstration kindergarten in Little Rock, Arkansas. This was 1969 when the importance of early intervention was a fairly new idea and public kindergartens had not become the norm. I came to Chapel Hill in 1971 and became director of a church-based kindergarten-day care center. There I developed an interest in family therapy. I saw young children having difficulties, then when I met with their parents, I found out the entire family was having difficulties. I also volunteered as a counselor with the UNC Human Sexuality Information and Counseling Service from 1971-74. It was the first peer counseling program in human sexuality in the country and gave me further experience.

All this led me to the UNC School of Social Work (1974-76) to learn more about therapy. Earning an MSW seemed to be the shortest way to get a passport to become a therapist. My own therapy during those years helped me to see the value of therapy from the inside out. Therapy became the safe haven from where I began to rethink all I had been taught, to get to know myself on a deeper level, learn valuable self-care skills, and begin to chart my true path in life. Among many other lessons, I learned I was born to be a therapist, I just needed training.

Thirty-five years later, I have been honored by the trust my clients have given me and fulfilled by the experience of helping them solve life problems, find their own power, and create satisfying lives for themselves and those they love. In this blog, let me share some of what I have learned.

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  1. what a lovely blog – can’t wait to read more!

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